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Rebecca Ellis

Global Communications Strategist

Communications, Content Localisation and Translation Services in the Areas of Human Rights, Environment, Fair Trade and Accountability

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Back-To-School in Mexico « Rebecca Ellis

  Last week’s traffic jams and long lines at the papelerías (stationery and paper goods stores) meant back-to-school for Mexico’s 27.5 million pupils. But not every kid went back to school today.  According to INEGI, the national census institute of Mexico, 6 out of every 100 children ages 4 to 6 do not. Families of…

Converging Communications in Marketing, Services and VOPA | Slack

Converging Communications in Marketing, Services an...

The Magic of Trello and Atlassian | Slack

The Magic of Trello and Atlassian | Slack


Child Angels - YouTube

Child Angels - YouTube

Chile: From a Social Earthquake to a Political Tsunami – CIP Americas

In the face of the Sebastián Piñera administration’s ongoing disregard for the many social demands raised by students, indigenous populations, poor people and workers, social movements are converging and politicizing diverse sectors by rejecting the economic and political model inherited from the Pinochet dictatorship.

December 2015 CityLine

December 2015 CityLine

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Immigrants Join Protest as Occupy Wall Street Movement Grows ...

Sebastian Fernandez, 25, a graduate student born in Colombia, works the Spanish information desk of the Occupy Wall Street camp on the edge of Zucotti Park. At the corner of Liberty and Broadway, flanked by hot dog vendors and police barricades, he sits at a folding table laden with Spanish-language copies of the protest’s newspaper,…

In-House Union Innovation at SFO

Local 21 members just returned from Sacramento where their IT team received an award for government innovation in ground transport management at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO).


Subtitles by Rebecca Ellis

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Labor Reforms No Cause for Celebration in Mexico’s May Day Rallies

As many as 10,000 people assembled on the Zocalo, the main square of Mexico City last Wednesday to celebrate another anniversary of the Chicago Haymarket Rebellion that ushered in the labor movement at the turn of the century. This year’s May Day in Mexico came after a sweeping reform in its Federal Labor Law enacted this past December. Unions participating mostly protested the reforms, which they call a threat to the future of their jobs and wages.

The Story of Amparo Laws in Mexico | International Law Observer | A ...

The Story of Amparo Laws in Mexico | International ...

Touro College

World-­‐Traveling Surfer and Rescue Worker Lands at Touro College’s Physician Assistant Program

The new clinical coordinator for Touro College’s School of Health Sciences physician assistant program has been around the world – literally.
A petite woman with long sandy-colored hair and lots of spunk, Mary Showstark sits behind her desk in a basement office at the Touro College health sciences school, her computer desktop graced with a dazzling background photograph taken in Tahiti. The photo depicts a dozen would-be surfers on boats and jet skis on the shelf of the massive 60-foot wave during a storm swell, calmly waiting under the wall of water for what appear to the untrained eye to be their imminent demise.
“It looks like it is going to crash over you, but you basically just soar over it,” Showstark explained. “However, there are a lot of accidents because there is only a three foot room for error.”

WWF bringt Grauwölfe wieder nach Nordmexiko – Treff 3

WWF bringt Grauwölfe wieder nach Nordmexiko – Treff...