Rebecca Ellis

Rebecca Ellis

Global Communications Strategist

Communications, Content Localisation and Translation Services in the Areas of Human Rights, Environment, Fair Trade and Accountability

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Touro College

World-­‐Traveling Surfer and Rescue Worker Lands at Touro College’s Physician Assistant Program

The new clinical coordinator for Touro College’s School of Health Sciences physician assistant program has been around the world – literally.
A petite woman with long sandy-colored hair and lots of spunk, Mary Showstark sits behind her desk in a basement office at the Touro College health sciences school, her computer desktop graced with a dazzling background photograph taken in Tahiti. The photo depicts a dozen would-be surfers on boats and jet skis on the shelf of the massive 60-foot wave during a storm swell, calmly waiting under the wall of water for what appear to the untrained eye to be their imminent demise.
“It looks like it is going to crash over you, but you basically just soar over it,” Showstark explained. “However, there are a lot of accidents because there is only a three foot room for error.”